The death of parents has a remarkable psychological and physical impact on children. While you are alive, you want to make sure that when you die, the trauma your children will face is limited by virtue of your considerate estate planning.

Death is something we prefer not to talk about. We do not want to think about the possibility that we might die before our children become adults. We still have dreams of walking our daughter down the aisle on her wedding day and attending our grandchildren’s school concerts.

From a child’s perspective, it is just as painful a thought. Losing a parent (especially when you are young) throws you out of your orbit. The people who have always provided you with security and identity are suddenly gone and you have to find your feet again. Above all, the hurt is all-consuming and the thought that you will never be able to talk to these people on this earth again is more than many of us feel we can bear.

Then it happens and, apart from the emotional challenge, you are faced with funeral arrangements, practical arrangements and many calculations. Death is costly:


  • when someone dies, Inheritance Tax comes into play;
  • Estate Duty is levied on the transfer of assets from the deceased’s estate to the beneficiaries;
  • Capital Gains Tax is levied on any capital gain on the sale or transfer of an asset; and
  • the deceased’s estate must also still pay Personal Income Tax on the income he / she earned in the last tax year.

These concepts are enough to make you panic, because should you die in your youth, your father will probably bear these costs, the amounts of which can be remarkable. As a parent, if your will is not in place, this fate may befall your children.

Cloe’s story is one that many South Africans can identify with. She lost both her parents at a very young age. “I have never experienced so much pain in my life. My father passed away a month before my wedding day. I have always been a daddy’s girl and he was a good man who made me feel safe.”

Because he committed suicide, the life insurance policy did not pay out. Financially, it hit the family hard. Cloe was only 21. They sold family businesses and her brother had to look after their mother. “When my mother died, she died without debt, but left estate fees which my brother and I had to pay. I had to take out a mortgage to pay for those fees, because I did not expect it. We also did not believe in life insurance after what happened to my father.”

Cloe decided to get her own will in order. This is where she learned more about executor fees and will trust fees. She also heard of an affordable policy option that can protect you and your family from estate fees. Chloe was impressed that she could take out a policy that would financially look after her family while her estate was being sorted out, at minimal cost! It has had such an impact on her that she has joined the company that offered this option. And because of her own story, her work is a calling rather than a job. “It is an opportunity to give people peace and reassurance that if their children are exposed to a similar situation, they would not have to face a financial burden.”

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