Johan van der Mescht

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39 Years in this industry. Almost a whole entire lifetime. Today we have the privilege to honour Johan van der Mescht for his service to attooh! and his exceptional contribution to the world of finance. Johan has been associated with attooh! for around 10 years (having worked with Wouter Snyman previously) and has been a part of the group for 3 years. The attooh! family is described, by him, as one that has a common goal and that celebrates its diversity. “It is a great honour to be part of such a diverse and driven group of people,” says Johan.

In the most humble way, Johan mentions that his career-success moments would not have been possible without the support of amazing teams along the way. It is so impactful when we see someone this successful give credit to those around them.

Johan replies in a sincere and honest manner to the question asked: “When have you experienced that you have changed the life of a client” by saying that the various parts of the service offered brings this feeling to him. When setting someone on their journey to financial freedom, by implementing and executing the financial plan and by assisting people at their lowest – he feels that he changes lives. Thank you, Johan, for using the attooh! service-model to truly touch the lives of those you serve. This is the ultimate testimony.

We can learn so much from Johan. He shares his advice to other advisors in the industry (especially with new and eager entrants): “Build long term relationships with your clients, make a difference in their lives, build multiple streams of income and invest in yourself – education, technology, personnel, etc. “

Despite his success until now, Johan acknowledges that he has clear 6 month, 3 year, 6 year and 9 year goals for himself. “I still have a massive amount I want to achieve…!” he answers. To be so goal-inclined, dedicated and fired-up is such an inspiration.

In conclusion to the digital-interview we had with this incredible stakeholder, he concluded that he would feel special if attooh! keeps up the integrity and honesty with which matters are handled.

Just as Johan says he loves the journey with attooh!, the same could be echoed right back at him. We appreciate your hands-on commitment and character so much! Thank you for being a part of the dedicated decade Johan van der Mescht.

We salute you!