EVERYTHING WORTHWHILE IN LIFE, STARTS SOMEWHERE. At attooh! we believe in starting with the end in mind, defining the legacy you want to leave behind, planning out the life you want to live and MAKE A START! Financial advice and financial planning is all about the journey to holistic wealth. Your financial JOURNEY can be summed up in 3 simple segments. SPEND TIME ON THESE STEPS/SEGMENTS to become financially well and financially free. Define and execute your MILE-TO-YOUR-MILLION.

1. Mindset.

One of the most critical aspects, and mostly overlooked in all the financial training programs we have seen over the years. Read our previous BLOG on breeding a millionaire-mindset to get some more insight on this. The way we perceive ourselves, others, and the world – plays into our decisions and, ultimately, our success. Actively shaping, molding, and editing your mindset is a MUST.

2. Systems

Successful people make use of systems to ensure a predictive outcome. We are living in a process-driven, data-informed era. We should be learning from the mistakes of the past and avoid repeating them at all costs. We should be looking toward to the future and taking advantage of systems that exist and the constant inspirational innovation around us.

3. Strategies and Tactics

Without execution, the most incredible ideas will amount to nothing. Make sure that you are spending time on setting your plans into action. Work smarter – not harder. Let your money and talents work for you.

Here is a story that illustrates the above three segments:

A 35-year-old male is sitting at a bar, watching the news. A whirlwind of negativity, frustration, and stress surrounds him. The world and society is complex, sensitive, busy, changing. The man tries to escape his reality for a brief moment, trying to get his mind to focus on his pen and paper in front of him – the heading MY FINANCIAL PLAN. He remembers seminars, emails, training courses. But the information is all jumbled in his head. He realises that he does not know where to start. His mind is messy, and his mindset toward finance is NEGATIVE. He associates it with stress, responsibility, challenging, intensive planning, and work.

Suddenly, one blog gets stuck in his mind. “It’s a mile to a million,” the headline rings. He relaxes slightly, knowing that the journey starts somewhere and that there are proven methods to get to his million. He jots down the words MINDSET. SYSTEMS. STRATEGIES.

Firstly – his mindset needs to change from one of POVERTY & “I am the victim, I am not good enough” to ABUNDANCE & “I can do this, I can give back, I have motivation”. He actively trains his mind to see finance as a MILE rather than a MOUNTAIN. A flat road of proven steps, incredible resources & support. A journey of goal-setting. He is happy with his comments on mindset, and he has devised a plan to correct and train his jumbly-mind daily.

Now – systems. He remembers yet another blog entry on the 6 QUESTIONS to financial freedom. He jots down WHAT he wants to achieve and WHY he wants this. Now he can plan his systems. The first one – get sound financial advice and a plan for my journey. Assess my lifetime, spending, risk, goals and dreams. He now understands himself and his core needs for financial independence. The system he develops includes intensive planning, selecting suitable vehicles & products, tracking his progress and actively managing his financial results. Systems gives him CONTROL of his MILE-TO-A-MILLION.

Now finally – the skeleton can be coloured in with strategies and tactics. He takes the TRUE WEALTH analyser test and truly digs deep into his wealth creation strategy. He learns about the Penny-farthing metaphor attooh! uses to explain a sound financial plan and he feels empowered by understanding of the strategies and being able to apply them to his own life.

This man, now sits with one page and a mile-to-a-million ahead of him. He leaves the bar and starts heading towards his financial independence. Towards abundance. Towards freedom.

Have you assessed and planned YOUR Mile to YOUR million?

We also hate Spam. Your details will only be used for the purpose of helping you achieve your financial goals.
We also hate Spam. Your details will only be used for the purpose of helping you achieve your financial goals.