Herman Visser

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1980 – That is when Herman Visser entered the financial services industry and BOY how times have changed. His exact words: “Wow, the industry was just a rate-book, a calculator, an application and a lot of boldness. Amongst many dishonest advisers at the time, an opportunity existed to be entrepreneurs with a passion for the industry, wanting to do better.” Herman, is a tangible example of this better, stronger, integrity filled industry that we now observe. Thank you for being a catalyst to positive change, Herman.

Since July 2014, Herman has been a crucial stakeholder of the attooh! family. He echoes this core value of the brand by saying: “The million dollar word is FAMILY! Being part of a caring group of people, that understands the vicissitude of a financial planner / – adviser and does everything in their power to iron out and implement products and systems to better my life, is incredible. The respect for Oom Vissie and his values and the support of attooh! thereof- humbles, and simultaneously uplifts and motivates me to be a better person.” Herman, we cannot tell you how much these words mean.

This man has had an inspirational career and he says that one of his career highlights was the day when he realised (whilst still at Liberty Life) that he is a marketer and an educator and that there is a demand for his knowledge. He used his TOOLS at hand to live out his dream of “ministering” to people whilst being able to start his own business which allowed him to grow up and grow old with his family. What a blessing!!!

Herman acknowledges that each and every time a claim gets paid or when clients are relieved of financial anxiety (they never EVER have to worry about finance ever again) – he knows he is changing lives. He mentions what an honour it is that he has become a “go-to” man for clients in a financial advice (and then later on also a personal) capacity. He mentors, he counsels and changes and saves lives. What a PURPOSE LED LIFE this career showcases?!

Herman would feel special & valued if attooh! kept on motivating and empowering him and his fellow advisors whilst delivering hot leads to them. Thank you Herman, this is our ultimate goal and intention.

He wants to practise what he preaches by retiring as a millionaire, and he once again wants to become a diamond advisor. Good luck for all that lies ahead Herman. His advice to new up-and-coming advisors would be to firstly honour God in everything! He then expands on key words such as integrity and honesty. “Knowledge is power,” he firmly states. He also advises them to always CARE for what they are doing and to know that they will be rewarded for their dedication and hard work if their intentions are pure. His final word of advice is: “Work with a company like attooh! that cares for you and assists you to be better constantly.” We honour you for being one of the GREATS Herman.

Thank you for your role played in our dedicated decade.