A change-maker that has been a part of attooh! for 4 years and has been in the industry for 46 years, deserves an applause. Christo Visscher describes attooh! as a place that fosters exuberance in a profession. WOW, where the word exuberance meets finance – that’s where the magic happens. We would like to personally thank you for YOUR exuberance and excellence Christo.

He says that his career-highlights include moments where he was a key role-player in the reciprocal business of Old Mutual and many more influential bits of business.

A heartfelt story of Christo, losing a dearly beloved friend as a result of COVID, leads to an incredible testimony where Christo could access archives of folders (dating back to 2007) allowing him to assist with finalising the estate. This 30-year friendship, made this assistance even more impactful and special. Thank you Christo, for being a guiding light within a realm of darkness for those around you and our sincerest condolences for your loss.

“The industry was uncomplicated and simple, there was minimal financial planning done,” is how he describes the financial services industry back-in-the-day when he started. Now, amidst the complexities of this industry, technology and the mindset of modern consumers he gives a simple bit of excellent advice to modern advisors: “Make every client KING in your business.” This is exceptional advice. attooh! is a customer-centric business and we can and should elevate this proposition even more. You have done such great things and we are looking forward to seeing the rest of your career unfold Christo, with his main goals being “to be one of the top producers again.” A genuinely committed stakeholder.

Christo asks of attooh to keep up the family ties. This is easy when we have family members like yourself that is an ambassador of the brand. Your role in this company is valued.

In conclusion, Christo shares that he firmly believes that if one follows the vision, mission and goals of attooh! you will never go wrong. Thank you for your testimony, your proof, your service and your passion.

You have contributed in massive ways to the DEDICATED DECADE of attooh!

Cheers to you Christo!