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This is Our Story

attooh! group of companies is a niche Financial Services Boutique specialising in corporate and individual financial services offering.
We offer a value proposition focusing on dedicated and tailor-made client education packages.
It covers the full spectrum of financial services products. Each client’s ability to interact with us from cradle to grave.
The company name “attooh!” had its origin in the heartland of what was known as the Orange Free State.
As a small boy playing soccer with the local folk, on scoring a goal, they would celebrate in unison attoooooohhhhh! was the cry of celebration.

Our name is a reflection of celebrating amongst others achieving financial goals. Our brand further reflects a clean cut image with a butterfly as our icon.

A butterfly is one of few insects on earth that goes through four stages before it realise its true value. The message is one of living a life of “permanent purpose”, every action we take has an impact in life.

The attooh! Group represents all the stages of the butterfly’s metamorphosis, and is a new brand in the financial service industry combining old values with 21st century service ethics. Our aim is to provide our clients with innovative solutions and assist in educating around the potential financial minefields that exist today.
attooh! has a national footprint of highly qualified financial advisors as well as industry leaders in the Healthcare and Employee benefits arena. We are constantly developing and extending our service offering to ensure we maintain world class and professional advice, backed by the most innovative education and training program on financial services products in South Africa.

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We also hate Spam. Your details will only be used for the purpose of helping you achieve your financial goals.